Raleigh Motus Tour Hub gears Low-step (Ladies) E-Bike
Raleigh Motus Tour Hub gears Low-step (Ladies) E-Bike
Raleigh Motus Tour Hub gears Low-step (Ladies) E-Bike
Raleigh Motus Tour Hub gears Low-step (Ladies) E-Bike

Raleigh Motus Tour Hub gears Low-step (Ladies) E-Bike

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With power-assisted pedalling boosting your pedal power by up to 250%, the Motus Tour Hub Gear gives you the freedom to go further and faster than ever before. Powered by a feather-light, near-silent ActivLine Bosch motor (40Nm), you won’t even realise how far you’ve gone until you check the map. And with a 400WH battery, you can keep pedalling until the power bars run out. Just make sure to stop before you hit the sea.

A fully-equipped electric bike like the Motus Tour gives you everything you need to race through the hills – no sweating necessary. But what’s the rush? If you prefer to slow things down and get more of a workout in, the handlebar-handy Intuvia Display lets you switch modes while you’re riding. Not only that, but it has a USB port to charge your phone – a navigational lifesaver.

Aside from all the high-tech stuff, the Motus Tour comes with all the fixings of a seriously good bike – from the easy-to-use hub gear system to the powerful hydraulic disc brakes. All our Motus Tour bikes also come kitted out with full mudguards, a built-in wheel lock, a kickstand and bright lights at the front and rear, promising you a safe, comfortable ride – all year round.

The Motus range also offers a wide range of frame and wheel sizes, perfect for the tall and tiny alike. So, simply choose your size, your colour and your frame-style, and start pedalling. You’ll never look back.

 Potential battery range of 100 miles, depending on mode selected, rider weight and road and weather conditions.

The route to work or the weekend trails. The leg-burning race or the lazy Sunday ride. Wherever you’re going, whatever the reason, these wheels make sure getting there is the best bit – hills and all. Because it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. And with the Motus Tour, your journey will be an absolute blast.


This bike is regulated in line with existing Electric Power Assisted Cycles regulations. Any modification to the bike will invalidate the guarantee, and any modification to increase the power of the motor and/or the top assisted speed of the bike may make the rider liable to prosecution. Excluding statutory obligations, Raleigh and Morans Bike Shop will not be held responsible for any injuries incurred following any modification to this product.